The new name

In 2018 we changed our name to Wauw Capow because sometimes it feels good to do something new and unexpected
– and you can never have too much WAUW or CAPOW in your life!

How we design to make your kid happy

We, Louise and Mia, met each other at ‘The Danish Design School’.

We quickly discovered we shared a common dream:
to create children’s clothes inspired by the playful spirit of children.
In 2008 the dream came true.  We proudly (and with butterflies in our stomachs) presented our brand BangBang Copenhagen. 

We believe children are free to wear whatever they want, and a lot of our clothes are therefore not gender-specific.

We tailor-make our prototypes to ensure the design fits children’s shape and movements. This makes our clothes comfortable to play in. When children play, they get messy – and children have to play! To resist the hard job of being worn by playing children all day,  our clothes are made of high-quality textiles.
Children are open-minded, curious, playful and wonderfully creative.
As parents, we, Mia and Louise, observe and enjoy this approach to life every day and we owe a lot of our best ideas to our children.
Each style and every little detail are designed and made by us. Our designs are inspired by modern and conceptional arts and colors, different animal shapes and textures and the comfortable and functional elements of streetwear.

the artworks come to life!

We love clothes with funny and playful details and artworks.
The details on our designs are often three dimensional and made of materials that stimulate the senses.
The artworks come to life during the creative process in the form of childish and funny characters.
These characters inspire us and gradually we have created a whole Wauw Capow-family of loveable characters
such as Fluffy BoyPenny PenguinSelma Sunshine and many more.

Productions & believes

When the styles are ready for production, they are sent to our production place in Serbia.
We use a family-owned factory, which we visit twice a year.
We have a good and personal relationship with the staff,
and this makes it possible for us to follow the process from design to product.

We strongly feel we all have to take care of each other. Our clothes are therefore produced in Europe.
This ensures that production occurs under European standards of employment.
It also makes it possible to use wheels, not wings, to transport our clothes.
In this way, we reduce our carbon footprint. When possible, we always use eco-certified textiles.
In Copenhagen, we are engaged in our local community, Vesterbro. We support the local NGO-project,
Settlement and we donate clothes to Red Cross’ local charity event
and Faraja School and daycare for disabled kids.